Crop Up


0.5% Magnesium
1.25% Zinc
0.25% Iron
2.5% Manganese


It provides rapid development with the amino acid technology it contains in fruit growth.

Climatic, phytotoxicity and so on.
It has a technology that can be taken completely by the plant when applied.
It increases the uptake of macro and micro nutrients.
Reduces the use of macro and micro elements in leaf applications.
Has flowering incentive.
The chelate it contains is in a form that can stay through the plant cell wall.
It enables the plants to use a range of minerals during flowering.
Increases brix value in fruit.
It prevents the reaction of the elements not taken in the soil.
It is not washed by rain and sprinkler irrigation when taken by the plant from the moment it is applied.
It accelerates the formation of new shoots in vegetables during the winter period.