Active Ingredient

1 g/tablet Gibberellic Acide




Giberellinler are plant growth regulators which are used in cell expandation, cell division, fruit setting, growth and seed awakening. (Dormancy breakout)

Plants Rate
Edible Seedless Grape 2 Tablet
Dried Seedless Grape 1 Tablet
Mandarin 1,5 Tablet
Orange 2 Tablet
Orange 1-2 Tablet
Lemon 1 Tablet
Grapefruit 1 Tablet
Pear 1,5 - 2 Tablet
Pear 0,5 - 2 Tablet
Cherry, Sourcherry 1-2 Tablet
Peach 1,5 tablet
Strawberry 5 tablet
Artichoke 2,5-5 tablet
Potato 2 tablet
Lettuce 1-2 tablet
Pepper 3 tablet
Ornamentals 4-15 tablet

*Except above ones, UPRIGHT can be used in so many culture plants such as banana, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, pea, bean, soybean, eggplant, parsley, asparagus, carrot, tea, wheat and trefoil.


UPRIGHT can be used with so many plant protection products except free chloride containing ones


No spesific antidote. Symptomatic treatment