Bioact® + Velum Prime® SC 400


  • nematicide


  • 400 g / L Fluopyram


  • SC (Suspension Concentrate)


Plant Name

Pest Name

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Usage Dose

Time Between Last Spraying and Harvest (Days)

Tomato (Greenhouse)

Root-Ur Nematodes(Meloidogyne sp.)


Velum® Prime SC 400

75 ml/da*

60 ml/da**


7 day

Cucumber (Greenhouse)

Root-Ur Nematodes


Velum® Prime SC 400

75 ml/da*

60 ml/da**



What is BioAct® and Velum® Prime?
Product name: BioAct® DC 216

Product Group: Nematisit
Active ingredient: Paecilomyces lilacinus (Purpureocilium lilacinum 251 breed)
Paecilomyces lilacinum 251 does not parasitize the beneficial nematodes naturally found in the soil, while parasitizing nematodes harmful to the plant causes its death.

Product Name: Velum® Prime SC 400
Product Group: Nematisit
Effective substance: 400 g / l Fluopyram

Nematodes act by stopping energy production and death occurs.

A unique solution that controls egg and larval periods in the nematode fight,
Strong root system,
30 minutes from the application. then the effect begins.

Why BioAct® and Velum® Prime?

  • The healthy and strong root system also strengthens the plant and causes high yield.
  • The harvest interval is short.
  • MRL values ​​are available for countries importing vegetables.
  • Perfect IPM compatibility with the combination of biological and low dose technology chemical product.
  • Safe to the environment and the practitioner (harmless to beneficial insects).