• fungicide


  • Fosetyl-Al (66.7%) + Fluopicolide (4.44%)


  • Wettable granule (WG)


Plant Name Disease Name Usage Dose Waiting Time (Days)
Bond* Bag mildew (Plasmopara viticola) 300 g / 100 l water 28

* Vine leaves for consumption purposes are not used in production areas.

Application Time
The first spraying against mildew (pornoz) disease in the vineyard should be done when the shoots are 20-25 cm long. Other applications should be continued, taking into account the duration of action of the drug if the conditions for the disease persist. Profiler should be used no more than 2 times in the same production season.

Miscibility Status
Decis EC 2.5 can be mixed with Envidor Speed ​​SC 240, Movento SC 100. If it will be mixed with other fungicides and insecticides, a preliminary mixture and phytotoxicity test should be performed before application.

The information here is for promotional purposes, and additions or changes may occur over time. For this reason, it should be remembered that the most up-to-date information is the information on the product label and that the label information should be taken into consideration before application.

Profiler, with its new generation mildew drug Fluopicolide developed with the latest modern technologies, Fosetyl-Al mixture, which is one of the most used fungicides in the world, whose effect and physiological durability it has proven to the plant used, has been combined with different action mechanisms, combining different effect mechanisms, with a broad spectrum of action, protection and treatment. It is a new standard of fungicide with destructive and destructive properties.

Profiler provides superior protection against mildew (pornoz), which is the most important and destructive disease of the bond, with strong and effective mildew performance.

Why Profiler?

  • Long-term protection at every stage of the vineyard
  • Complementary compatibility of Fluopicolide and Fosetyl-Al
  • Contact, translaminar properties as well as strong and bi-directional systemic motion in plant tissues and superior protection
  • Protective, therapeutic and destructive effect
  • Fluoicolide's excellent mildew control
  • Direct and indirect mildew effect of Fosetyl-Al
  • Movement and full protection to new shoots formed after spraying
  • Minimum risk to nature, environment and non-target organisms

Mode of Action
Profiler is an excellent drug that combines the unique properties of Fosetyl-Al and Fluopicolide.


  • It is a broad spectrum fungicide from Phosphonates group.
  • It moves systematically in the plant.
  • In addition to its direct effect, it is indirectly effective by stimulating plant defense mechanisms.

In Fluopicoli;

  • It is a broad spectrum fungicide from benzamides group.
  • In the plant, the translaminar also acts systemically.
  • By affecting the spectrin-like proteins of the fungus, delocalization prevents the formation of the cell wall of the fungus.