FOXTER 5.20 + ME


FOXTER 520 is a formulation specially designed to provide crops with nitrogen and phosphorus in a perfectly assimilable
form, to stimulate rooting, germination and vegetal growth (starter effect). The distribution of FOXTER 520 localized along the
sowing/transplanting row, produces the following advantages:
• STARTER EFFECT and support to the growth of more effective absorbing roots thanks to the presence of new formulants and raw
materials which are stable also at very low temperatures
• Specific microelements such as zinc and manganese, very important for first development stages
• Easy distribution thanks to the liquid formulation and low doses
• Thanks to its subacid pH, FOXTER 520 creates an optimal habitat around roots and seeds enhancing in this way the absorption of the nutritive elements.


20 L; 200 L; 1000 L