11.2% Calcium
25% Organic Matter
5.4% Polyhydroxycarboxylic Acid

Nutrical patented formulation masks the calcium ion and when applied to the plant, the plant detects organically the product so that it is transported to the fruit much faster
Nutrical is the only calcium that passes from xylem to phloem.
Reduces the need for sweating of plants.
Encourages plant rooting
The additives consist of carboxylic acid
Provides frost resistance
100% fruit portable form
The pectin in the fruit is a sugar polymer and adheres to the cell walls thanks to its gel-like structure.
Does not merge with clay layer in soil
Provides disease resistance
Prevents deformation in fruit
Prevents premature ripening of fruits
Increases shelf life of fruits
Improves the skin of fruits
Prevents cracking of fruit
Prevents the problem of bitter speckles in apples
Increases tuber formation in tuberous plants
Prevents flower nose rot in vegetable
Does not show deficiency throughout the season when used regularly in strawberry etc. plants that show calcium deficiency intensively
Increases pollen tube formation
Increases the quality of the flower, but also allows the expansion of the ovarium
Reduces the formation of wedges when the leaves are applied to the pepper in 1 lt per decare.
Time savings are achieved due to wide mixing tolerance
It does not bind when used from drip, but it improves the soil
Reduces lime rate when used without dripping
Provides quick relief of stress in plants
Prevents fruit deformities
1 lt nutrical 80 kg chips and 9 kg calcium nitrate