FERKAP 7-0-16


Guaranteed Content (W / W)
Total Nitrogen (N) 7%
Ammonia Nitrogen (N) 7%
Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 16%
Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 7%
Water Soluble Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 40%
Physical Information
pH 2 - 3 (in 10% solution)
EC 1,147 mS / cm (1 g / lt)
FERKAP is a new formulation concept that is produced to help iron deficiency and to promote higher quality products. The ideal combination provides sprout growth and effective photosynthesis. At the same time, it gives strength to plant tissues and provides resistance to environmental and physiological stress.
It is produced with AN77 formula of natural origin and patented by CIFO. Thanks to its high sulfur content, it creates an ideal environment for the absorption of nutrients and supports the development of sensory properties (color, taste, amount of protein, etc.) of the final yield.
In professional and ornamental gardens, FERKAP promotes the development of greener and thicker grass by helping the lawn grow regularly and continuously.

Keep the product away from humid environments due to its moisture absorbing properties. Leaf applications should be performed at the coolest hours of the day. The product may cause rust formation in very sensitive plants when applied from the leaves during fruit development. For best results, apply when the soil temperature is higher than 12 ° C.

FERKAP; mineral oils, oil-based insecticides, phosetyl-AL and dodine, with the exception of CIFO products and pesticides. We always recommend pre-miscibility tests.