FRACTİON ULTRA is a drug that is applied 10–14 days before the cotton harvest and ensures the leaves fall green. It is taken by the leaves and causes the dividing tissue where the stem is attached to the stem to mature early, causing the leaves to fall out while they are still green. Cotton fibers in cocoons remain clean and allow cotton to be harvested at one time, as the leaves are shed before drying. The drug works well in both cool and hot weather conditions.


Plant Name Usage Dose Term of Use
Cotton 60 ml/da 10-14 days before cotton harvest

How to use:

The drug is used by mixing with water. Spraying should be done in a way to make a good coating on all plants with 40 lt of water per decare. In order to obtain good results, all leaves of the plant should be in contact with the medicated creature.

Usage Notices:

Do not use the drug in cultures other than Cotton. Repeat spraying in case of precipitation within 24 hours. Never apply FRACTION ULTRA to fields where Sodium chlorate, Magnesium chlorate or Diquat has been used before.

  • Limitation for cultivated crops to be planted in Cotton field using FRACTION ULTRA:


Do not plant for 3 months

Legume, Clover, Root and

Do not plant for 2 months

Cereals, Millet, Corn

Do not plant for 2 weeks


Do not plant for 4 months


Do not plant for 9 months

MIXTURE STATUS: Since the drug is used before harvesting in cotton, it does not need to be mixed with other drugs.