Plant Name

Harmful Organism Name

Administration dose



Root-knot nematodes(Meloidogyne spp.)

100 l/ da

(With solarization)

Wilt and Root Rot

Root-knot nematodes(Meloidogyne spp.)

60-125 ml/m2


Weed seeds



For the calibration of the drip irrigation system, the flow rate is measured by running 3 nozzles from the top and bottom for 10 minutes. Deviation should not exceed 10%. The amount of BMU to be given per decare is determined.

Preparing for Application:

The plant protection product calculated over the recommended dosage is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The tank of the tank is half filled with water, the prepared mixture is added to the tank. The mixing is continued and the tank is completed to the calculated amount of water. Mixing process continues until the application is completed. Use the prepared plant protection product on the same day.

Application Equipment Cleaning:

Immediately after the application is completed, the system is operated by filling the tank with clean water. The tank and drip irrigation system are cleaned.

Place of Use and Harmful Organisms:

Metam Fluid is used by disinfection of greenhouse pot and seedbed soil against fungal diseases, nematodes and weed seeds that are prone to root and seeds, by applying it to the soil when there is no plant. It is used in greenhouses and seedling pillows at a dose of 60-125 ml per m2.

METHOD OF USE: Metam Fluid is used for soil fumigation in greenhouses. Greenhouse soil is loosened and leveled by plowing. Farm manure and green manure are buried in the soil before fumigation, whichever is used. Fumigation work should be done 3-4 weeks before planting and should be in its attitude before soil fumigation.

1-Application with Solarization; Soil surface is covered with transparent plastic cover so that no gas can escape. Then, the plant protection product is applied to the depth of 20-25 cm of the soil with the drip irrigation system. Solarization application continues for at least 4-6 weeks.

2-Application without Solarization; Soil surface is covered with transparent plastic cover so that no gas can escape. Plant protection product is given to the soil with drip irrigation system. It is kept covered for 15-20 days. The nylon or glasses of the greenhouse where the application is carried out must be closed, and the outflow of gas must be prevented.

Cress Testing: A small amount of soil samples are taken from the greenhouse at certain intervals and the soils taken are mixed together. This mixture is put in a jar and cress seeds are sown. If cress seeds grow in 2-3 days, the soil is ready for planting or planting. If cress seeds do not come out, the soil should be aired again and waited until cress seeds come out.

MIXTURE CONDITION: It cannot be mixed with other agricultural products.

Important Note: It will not be enough to disinfect the greenhouse to be grown only. Seedlings need to be subjected to the same treatments on their pillow.