Contains 20g pure Gibberellic acid (GA3) per liter.

Plant Name Purpose and Period of Use Usage Dose 100L Water
Seedless Grapes "First application: in the circuit where 70% of the flower capsules are poured; Second application: 10-12 days after this, when the grains reach a pellet size of 3mm in diameter. 120ml + 20ml spreader-adhesive
Dried grapes Application is made 4-5 days after pouring the flower capsules. 30 ml + 20 ml spreader-adhesive
Citrus 1. To encourage flower fertilization: Especially in Satsuma and Klemantin type tangerines, the solution prepared in the circuit where the flowers open 75-80% is sprayed on the flowers. 30 ml + 20 ml spreader-adhesive
2. In order to prevent pouring, the solution prepared in 4-5 weeks (1 month before the beginning of pouring) is sprayed on the flowers except for “Valencia” oranges. 120ml + 20ml spreader-adhesive
To delay the harvest:a) In Washington oranges: As soon as the first color change is observed in the fruits, the prepared solution is sprayed on the fruits. 60 ml + 20 ml spreader-adhesive
b) In Bed Lemons: When the first color change is observed in the fruits, the prepared solution is sprayed on the fruits. Thus, fruits are kept on the tree for 2-3 months. 60ml + 20ml emitter-glue
c) When the first color transformation is seen in grapefruit, the prepared solution is sprayed on the fruits. 90 ml + 20 ml spreader-adhesive
Pear In the pear varieties with low fruit set, the solution prepared at the latest 2 days after the frosts is sprayed to the trees in order to increase the yield when the flowers open 30% and to protect against frost damage that may occur in the flowering period. 90-150 ml + 90 ml spreader-adhesive
Cherry and Cherry It is applied in the period when the color change begins in the fruits. Large, durable and smooth fruit is obtained from this application. 90 ml + 50 ml spreader-adhesive
Peach Especially in Dixired and Hale varieties, the solution prepared in the first week of August is sprayed. These application trees will be spontaneously taken care of in fruit dilution as they will protect them from late spring frosts the following year. 600-900ml + 50ml emitter-glue
Strawberry It is used to ensure crop and to obtain large fruit. The solution prepared 3-4 weeks before flowering is sprayed with a back pump. 90 ml-150 ml + 20ml spreader-adhesive
Artichoke In order to grow artichokes in turfan and to obtain high yield, 4-5 leaves and 25-30 cm length of the artichokes are pulverized especially in the navel parts of the plants. 300ml + 50ml emitter-glue
Potato The patetes to be used as seeds are dipped into the solution prepared before planting and treated before planting. Thus, germination accelerates and there is a regular exit. 30 –60 ml + 20ml spreader-adhesive
Lettuce To encourage umbilical binding, application is made 7-15 days before harvest. High dose is applied in cold weather conditions. 60-120 ml + 20 ml spreader-adhesive
Pepper In order to increase the yield, the first application is made to the solution prepared when half of the flowers hold the fruit 2-3 weeks after that. 180ml + 20ml spreader-adhesive
Ornamental Plants It is used for obtaining long stem and big flower in cut floristry. 240-500 ml +50 ml spreader-adhesive

Repeated applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. For this reason, in order to delay the development of resistance, do not exceed the total number of applications of the plant protection product recommended in the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, take care to use plant protection products with different mechanism of action.