Cythrin 20 EC

Active ingredient :

200 g / L Cypermethrin

Class insecticides
Active ingredient Cypermethrin
Formulation Type EC (Emulsiyon Konsantre)
Effective Factors / Pests Whitefly, Capsule Wolves, Potato Beetle, Leafbenders, Panicle Moth, Apple Bollworm, Green Wolf, Crop Moth, Legumes Seed Beetle, Beet Fleas, Shield Beetle, Leaf Beetle, Leaf Worms
Packaging Type 1 L

(100 L WATER)
Vegetable White fly 40 mL / Da
Vegetable Green Wolf 30 mL / Da
Vegetable Capsule Wolves 50 mL / Da
Potato Potato Beetle 20 mL / Da
Fruit Leaf Benders 25 mL / Da
Bond Bunch of Moths 25 mL / Da
Apple Apple Stuffed Wolf 25 mL / Da
Sunflower Green Wolf 50 mL / Da
Hububat Growing grain Moth 40 mL / Da
Legumes Legumes Seed Beetle 50 mL / Da
Sugar beet Beet Fleas 30 mL / Da
Sugar beet Shield Beetle 30 mL / Da
Sugar beet Leaf Wolves 30 mL / Da
Sugar beet Leaf Wolves 30 mL / Da
Sugar beet Leaf Beetle 30 mL / Da


The sprayer tank is filled in half with water. The required amount of medicine is mixed with a little water in a separate container and placed in the tank. Mixing order is used and water is added until the tank is full. During application, the plant should be washed in the best way, and the bottom surfaces of the leaves should be wetted by attaching underground nozzles to the ground tools. Spraying should be done in windless weather.

Before preparing the medicated solution, the amount of water consumed by applying only water to a certain size area is determined and the amount of spraying water to be used in the whole area is calculated. This process is important in terms of spreading the desired dose homogeneously.