Flexible as your needs!

Excellent effective fungicide with 300 grams of Fluxapyroxad active substance per liter in SC formulation

Excellent long-lasting effect
Ease of use (single active ingredient)
Ease of use in different climatic conditions
Impact Mechanism and Properties


Xemium®, the newest member of the SDHI group, acts on Complex II to block energy supply within the cell, thereby causing the death and death of the fungus by stopping its development and respiration.

In addition, Xemium® has a preventive and therapeutic effect by preventing spore germination, germination tube formation, micelle growth and spore formation.

Xemium® is transported without being affected by the different hydrophilic and lipophilic membrane structure of the fungi and provides a fast and effective solution in the target organism.


Immediately after application, it quickly penetrates into the waxy layer and starts the activity of Xemium® molecules. Over time, moisture and water together with Xemium® crystal molecules resuspend on the developing leaf surface. This gives Sercadis® a longer lasting effect.

With Xemium® in Sercadis®, it helps us provide professional residue management.