Tocata® TR

It cuts diseases radically!

A fungicide with superior effect against root and rootstock rot in the water-dispersible concentrated (DC) formulation containing 42 g of Epoxiconazole and 150 g of Prochloraz active substances per liter

Both protective and therapeutic properties
Long lasting effect in plant
2 hours after the application
Superior Formulation Technology Adhering and Spreading on Leaf Surface
Tocata® TR, which is a systemic effective fungicide with protective and therapeutic properties, can be taken up much better by the plant especially in the early period due to its dispersible concentrate in water (DC).

Propagation in the plant is very fast and homogeneous. For this reason, it has long-term protection especially against root, root collar and leaf diseases.

Tocata® TR Application Time
Against wheat and barley diseases, from the middle of the tillering period (Development Period 25), against the first disease symptoms of leaf diseases should be sprayed. Tocata® TR provides protection for at least 30 days when used at the recommended dosage. If disease conditions persist 30 days after the application, the second application can be done.