Harmful Organism Name Disease Name Administration dose Time Between Last Application and Harvest
Bond* Downy mildew(Plasmopara viticola) 500 g/100 L water 14 day
Bond* Dead arm (Phomopsis viticola) 3500 g / 100 L water (winter application), 500 g / 100 L water (summer application) 14 day
Tomato Downy mildew(Phytophthora infestans) 400 g/da 14 day
Apple black stain(Venturia inaequalis) 1500 g/100 L water 14 day
Apricot Leaf-piercing in stone fruits (Wilsonomyces carcophylus) 1250 g / 100 L water (Dormant period), 625 g / 100 L water (Normal period) 14 day
Peach Leaf curl (Taphrina deformans) 1500 g/100 L water 14 day
Olive Ringed spot (Spilocaea oleagina) 1st application 1500 g / 100 L water, 2nd application 1000 g / 100 L water 14 day

Vineyard mildew:

1.application: Should be applied when the length of the shoot is 25-30 cm.

2. and other applications: It should be done 15 days after the first application. Taking into consideration the meteorological factors such as the daily temperature and precipitation averages, relative humidity and dew of the region, applications should be made when the conditions for the disease infection occur, and the applications should be terminated when the conditions disappear.

Deadline in the vineyard:

Winter application: After pruning, it should be done just before the eyes wake up.
Summer application:
1.When the application shoots are 2-3 cm,

2. When the application shoots are 8-10 cm,

3.Application shoots should be made in the circuit where it reaches 25-30 cm.

Apple crumble:

1.application: When the flower is blindfolded (3-5 days before where there is branch branch)

2.application: During the pink rosette bud (When the flowers are seen separately)

3.application: When 70-80% of flower petals fall out,

4. And other applications should be done every 15 days when the climatic conditions are suitable for the progression of the disease.