Essential Plus


15% Organic Matter
0.29% Iron
% 1 Sulfur
0.5% Magnesium
0.1% Calcium
1% Potassium
% 1 Nitrogen
7% Humic / Fulvic Acid
0.1% Seaweed Extract
2.75% Free Amino Acids
0.0025% Yucca
A special biostimulant that a producer needs to achieve higher yields, more fruit retention and fruit quality.

Leaf applications

Essential Plus shows significant differences especially in leaf applications during flowering period. It has a unique content for a healthy flower attitude and a good flower outline.

In this critical period just before your plant's flower drafts and the first flowers begin to be seen, you can increase your flower attitude and thus your productivity thanks to special organic add-ons that are not included in any NPK product.

Unlike other stimulants, Essential Plus promotes healthy growth without disturbing plant balance and does not accelerate your plant in one direction, such as hormone-containing products. It predominantly supports the behavior of your plant and provides specific support for fully uncovering plant genetics. It provides the chance to make a breeding free from stress conditions without seeing many mishaps in its continuous use.

Duty in the soil

In addition, Essential Plus is a product that can act as a regulator in any soil condition produced by Growth Products and can be used in every period of the plant especially for the formation of new roots and accelerating rooting in the root zone. Growth Products is the market leader in technological innovation. This versatile product has been produced in a colloidal dimension by utilizing polymer chemistry beyond time.

This colloidal solution is a combination of organic materials consisting of particles slightly larger than the atom. These split and dispersed very small particles give the product high stability and a long shelf life. Each active ingredient in Essential Plus contains organic building blocks not found in any standard NPK fertilizer solution. It is a natural biostimulant that can be used in every period of the plant.

As a source, Potassium Humate contains 20 free amino acids, enzymes, simple and complex sugars, vitamins, algae extract, carbohydrates, hydrolyzed organic proteins, natural spreading adhesives, and natural biostimulants. Essential Plus has been designed by engineers to create solutions with its usefulness in leaves and soil.

Can be used safely in every period

Surprise, transfer period

It is one of the rare products that you can use for fast recovery of the worn out plants and roots and to overcome this stress condition quickly while surprising and transferring. During these critical periods, plant metabolic activity is accelerated by special soluble organic products (sugars, free amino acids, enzymes) that can be easily taken up by the root system in Essential Plus. Increases photosynthesis, respiration, nucleic acid synthesis and ion exchange. As a result, plants that continue to develop in good health without disrupting anything in the life cycle are obtained. When transferring your seedlings from the viols to the soil, you will notice that the first adaptation takes place very quickly when you apply wetting or with the first life water.

Plant growth, fruit set and growth.

In many vegetations with irrigation water or foliar applications, the use of Essential Plus continuously promotes flowering and improves attitude. The natural plant growth regulators in Essential Plus show similar effects to auxin in every phase of the plant. These natural growth regulators promote cell division and elongation, support root growth, shoot formation, formation of flower formation, flower attitude and fruit attitude, resulting in noticeable yield differences. Essential Plus also helps in the formation of sugar and trace elements required for more delicious fruits.

Seed and Germination

Essential Plus can be used to increase the germination percentage of seed and increase the germination rate even in difficult germinating seeds. The secret here is that Essential Plus is able to increase seed peel permeability through controlled humic acids and natural spreading adhesives, and special root stimulants that facilitate rooting. Research by the University of Iowa has shown that 50-70% of seed germination increases and rooting has a better effect than IBA.

Steel Rooting

Essential Plus spreads and gives better results than chemical hormones such as IBA and NAA. The key to Essential Plus is that it stimulates callus formation in woody and semi-woody sticks. It has proven results in side-by-side trials. Essential Plus's ease of use in the form of soaking eliminates intensive workload and costly dipping.

Tissue Culture

Producers in tissue culture have to have greenhouses close to very special and sterile laboratory conditions. Essential Plus is pasteurized and sterilized. It can be used reliably with high efficiency in all climate conditions.

Soilless Agriculture

Essential Plus can be used safely in tomato, cucumber and lettuce and all other plants under hydroponic conditions. Seed germination is an important support for high quality plants, root growth and more durable fruits during the amplification and production period. In particular, it promotes the formation of new and receptive capillary roots.

It increases the efficiency of the products added to the leaf applications.

It has many different effects that increase the leaf's highly secure flower attitude.

It activates physiological events in plants such as photosynthesis, hormonal activities, respiration and ion uptake during the plant development period.

It is a reliable alternative to chemical hormones such as IBA and NAA in rooting steel and seedlings.

It activates physiological events in plants such as photosynthesis, hormonal activities, respiration and ion uptake during the plant development period.

Thanks to the compounds contained in the seed shell quickly softens the water to enter faster and the seed provides a homogeneous germination.

It is a special stimulant with unique rates that stimulate the plant without destabilizing it.

It is extremely safe with a pH of 5.5 and has a wide usage area.

It is an extremely good solution for rooting in soilless agricultural applications.

Since it has a synergistic effect with Companion, you can also get good results when used together.

Our product has organic agriculture (OMRI) certificate and Ekotar certificate. You can reach the Certificates section.