Translaminar is a new generation insecticide that is immediate and long lasting.

Active substance: Contains 222 g / L Flubendiamide

Group 28

SC: (suspension concentrate)

It is very effective in many Lepidoptera species, including tomato moth (Tuta absoluta).
The pest is effective against all larval stages and provides excellent activity and long-term protection.
It has a double action mechanism including digestion and contact.
Feeding of the pest ceases very quickly after spraying and rapid deaths begin, resulting in minimal damage to plants.
It is a new alternative to harmful resistance management thanks to the new mechanism of action. It is not cross-resistant with other Lepidoptera control insecticides.
It has long lasting effect.
Repetitive applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. Therefore, in order to delay the development of resistance, do not exceed the recommended number of applications of the plant protection product during the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, pay attention to the use of plant protection products with different mechanism of action.