Ampligo 150 ZC



Active Substance:


Chlorantraniliprol to




ZC (microcapsule suspension concentrate)

Lepidopter medication licensed in cotton, potatoes, peanuts, corn and lentils.

Provides long-term and effective pest management with 2 active
Provides high efficiency from your land with its easy operation
Protects your land at all times with short waiting time
Easy to apply with new formulation technology
Protects your land safely with its fast effect and long lasting
Superior and high level of action against species belonging to the order Lepidoptera and Coleoptera
An insecticide that provides control beyond manufacturer expectations
Safer than organic phosphorus insecticides
It provides a difference in durability management with its low dose administration and active agents having different effect mechanisms.
It is economical due to its effectiveness up to 3 weeks in one application.
The new generation of unique ZC (CS + SC) formulation technology provides a high coating on the plant surface for long-term protection against pests.
Ampligo 150 ZC capsule remains in the treated area. As the medium dries, the capsules explode one by one at different times, ensuring that the activity remains at the same level for a long time (as on the first day).
Thanks to ZC formulation technology, the active ingredients provide a high level of protection against sunlight (UV).
Products that it is licensed to; Pistachio, Cherry, Lentil, Corn, Cotton, Potato, Peanut.