Aerify Plus


6% Magnesium
6% Sulfur
7% Humic / Fulvic Acid
Aerify Plus

It is a high level soil regulator specially developed for use in heavy soil conditions where air and water cannot move freely, where roots are trapped and biological activity is at an end.

Creates gaps between soil colloids, reduces compaction and reduces clay content.
The relaxation in the soil and the root stimulants it contains increase the root growth.
Increases the benefit of air and water, provides microbial activity and humus formation.
Provides purification and helps to protect against chemicals and salts.
Increases the benefit of nutrients and organic matter in the root area.
It increases plant health by protecting the plant from stress.

Movement of water and air
Nutrient availability
What if you have difficult soil conditions?

The Secret of Soil Solved

Agricultural professionals know that one of the secrets of having perfect plants is having perfect soil. Perfect soil is porous, well-ventilated so that the roots can move deeper and where biological activity can progress healthily.

Compacted soils cause unhealthy plants and trees. When these soils are watered, they become pasty sludge and when they are dried they harden like rocks. When the soil is ‘stuck ', the necessary air, water and nutrients cannot penetrate the soil. The disease begins. Root development stops. Useful micro-organisms cannot survive. Plants become stressed, weakened. Even if everything else is done right, this congestion in the soil can frustrate all efforts.

150-250cc / Da is applied to all plants grown in light textured soils (sandy and loamy) during early spring, fruit tying period and 1 month before harvest. In heavy soils (clay and loam), it is applied at 400-500cc / Da application dose.