6% Nitrogen
19% Phosphorus
The set contains biological hormones and organic acids, which in particular increase flower formation and promote plant growth. These two ingredients add the plant to anionic growth to cationic growth. Of course, cationic growth increases the flowering of your plants. Cationic effect of plants; Improves flower formation, fruit set and fruit stem quality. It also causes premature fruits and flowers to fall.


It is a patented product with biostimulant effect in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, which is 100% soluble in water.
It is a special source of phosphorus that can be used from leaves during flowering and fruit formation in plants.
It can be used to promote the uptake of NPK fertilizers used in leaf applications.
It provides better attitude in flowers and a fast ripening in fruits.
Special amino acid derivatives in the plant have a stimulant effect.
Seedless grape varieties are applied during the period of grape grain provides elongation.
* Application doses may vary according to soil and leaf analysis.