Hosui Pear Sapling


TREE: Trees develop in medium strength and form a large crown. Cooling time is 550 hours and it can be grown in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Regions without any problem. Dilution should be made for the fruits to reach a sufficient size.

FRUIT: The fruit peel is golden yellow, yellow-white lenticular (spotted) on a brown background and is less rusty. Fruit is large, low acid, cylindrical, long-stemmed flower pit is deep. Fruit flesh is white, crisp, very juicy and has a distinctive flavor. It is among the ripening varieties in the middle season. It is harvested 15-18 days after Kosui variety. Comes to eating at the time of harvest. It can be stored in cold storage for 4-5 months.

HARVESTING TIME: August 28 to September 10.

POWDERERS: Self-productive variety.