Calypso® OD 240

Specifications :

  • High effect at low doses.
  • Flexible application time. Applicability in all stages of development, including flowering.
  • Harmless to bees and useful insects.
  • Low risk to users and consumers.
  • Possibility to use safely in products to be exported to EU and Russia.


  • insecticide


  • 240 g / l Thiacloprid


  • OD (Oil Based Suspension Concentrate)


  • 400 ml

In yellow viscous traps against cherry fly, it is necessary to apply the medication within 7-10 days after the first adults are caught. PLANT RECOMMENDATIONS

Disinfection against apple coot in apple, pear and quince should be done according to the estimation and warning system.

If 15% of the shoots are contaminated against apple green aphid, spraying should be done.

15% of the days of herd against pear psillidine and 2-3. pesticide should be applied in the period when the majority of the nymphs.

If the rate of contamination with larvae in leaf bouquets is 5%, when spraying ‘of the flower petals, 1 application is made. If necessary, a second application is made 15 days after the first application.

When 20-30 nymphs per compound leaf is seen against leaf psillidine in pistachio, an application should be made.

In the period when the adult population increases against pistachio sapling, fresh leaves eaten from the bottom of the stem are seen and the eyes or shoots are gnawed, application should be started.

Pesticide against aphid lice per tree when 10 pieces of shoots start to spray


First, the required amount of the drug is mixed with some water in a separate container. The prepared mixture is added to the tank of the sprayer filled with water up to half. The tank is mixed with the required amount of water and made ready for spraying. This mixture is sprayed to cover all sides of the plant when the air is cool and calm.


It can be mixed with many conventional plant protection drugs with EC, SL, SC, WP and WG formulations. However, a mixture test should be performed to ensure that.


The plant protection product Calypso is an insecticide classified as Group 4A according to its mechanism of action. Repetitive applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. Therefore, to prevent and / or delay the development of resistance, do not exceed your total number of applications during the same production season of Calypso. In cases where the application should be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products with different mechanism of action (except Group 4A).


In case of poisoning symptomatic treatment should be applied, no known antidote.