Decis® Trap


  • It is an effective and innovative biotechnical trap developed for Mediterranean fruitfly.

  • It is safe, provides convenience and savings.

  • The traps are completely ready for use and only need to be hung in the garden at the appropriate time.

  • Provides long-term, high and adequate pest control.

  • There is no residue (MRL) problem.

  • There is no harvest interval (PHI) (zero).

  • Suitable for integrated combat programs and organic production.

  • It contributes positively to product quantity and quality.

  • Environmentally friendly and friendly to users and benefits


  • insecticide


  • 0.015 g Deltamethrin + 7.8 g Ammonium acetate + 0.5 g Chlorohydrate trimethylamine + 0.03 g 1.5 Diamineopentane / trap


  • Ready to Use Trap


  • 20 Pieces Trap / Box


The traps are disposable, ie seasonal. Decis Trap is produced ready to use. It is enough to hang it in the garden at the recommended dosage and manner at the appropriate time.

In order to determine the adult flight, licensed sexual attractive traps to monitor the Mediterranean fruit fly population should be hung at a height of 1.5-1.8 m from the end of July-early August with a trap / 100 trees in the south / southeast and / or dominant wind direction of the trees.

When the first adults are caught in these hanging traps for monitoring purposes, at the same time about 1 week before the fruits reach maturity, DECIS TRAP is hung to a height of 1.5-1.8 m from the ground in the south and / or southeast direction of the trees.

Traps should be placed homogeneously in the unit area. DECIS TRAP should be hung further on the edges of the garden or on the side of the neighboring gardens. The pest status of the garden in the past years should be known and if necessary, it should be supported with chemical struggle in the first years. In highly contaminated areas, chemical combat can be reduced by ½ in the first year and 2/3 in the second year.

The traps are disposable, ie seasonal.

There is no special antidote. Treatment is applied according to the symptoms.