Blue is the most widely planted variety of blueberries. Fruit is flashy, gray-blue in color and slightly tart taste, aromatic. It has quite large berries. It is a kind with sparse shrub form. It has high quality fruit. Harvest in early August. Can be sized up to 8 meters. Resistant to winter temperatures up to -35 degrees. Climate and soil requirements are among the best varieties resistant to water demand. Trade is one of the most preferred varieties.

The need for cooling is 500 hours.

You need to plant between 250 and 400 blueberries in one acre (1000 square meters) according to the planting range.

1 blueberry seedling varies between 7 kg and 15 kilograms.

The amount of fruit to be obtained from 1 decare field is between 1 ton and maximum 3.50 ton

Suppose you plant a 2-year-old seedling in your field for 1 acre

first year 100kg fruit

2nd year 400kg fruit

3rd year 750 kg of fruit

If the seedlings are older than these years you will get between 1000 kg and 3500 kg of fruit from 1 acre

The product life of the seedlings is accepted as 50 years all over the world