Akça Pear Sapling

ORIGIN: Anatolia

TREE: The tree is one of our native and densely branched and prickly varieties that tend to develop strongly and semi-upright. There are also types known as İstanbul Akç or Dikenli Akça and cultivation is widespread in Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions. In recent years, seedlings grafted to quince rooted clone rootstocks have been preferred since they lay on late fruit on pear rootstocks.

FRUIT: Fruit is medium-sized conical fruit peel, yellow color on a green background. Fruit flesh is greenish white, juicy, sweet, crisp, fragrant and less sandy.

HARVEST TIME: In mid-June in the Aegean, Marmara is harvested at the end of June and the first week of July.

POWDERERS: Williams, Passa Grassane, Mustafa Bey is