Harmful Organism Name Disease Name Administration dose Time Between Last Application and Harvest
Cotton It prevents overgrowth and provides earliness. 100 ml/da 3-4 applications are made between the beginning of the flower and the flower peak or at the beginning of the comb, at 25-50 ml / da, 10-15 days apart.
Onion and Garlic Provides increased efficiency 100 ml/da 3-3.5 months after sowing in onion produced from seed, while onion is 4-5 leaves, approximately 2.5 months after sowing in onion produced from shallot, approximately 2.5 months after planting in garlic.
Peanut Provides increased efficiency 150 ml/da Between the beginning of the flower and the full flower period

Use in cotton: Prevents undesired overgrowth in cotton and regulates development.

Benefits: Dark green leaf color, shortening of the knuckle, thereby becomes a tidy plant. Thus, the intervals are closed later. The sun's rays penetrate the plant better and reach the cocoons in the lower branches. A better air circulation occurs in the lower parts of the plant, thereby significantly reducing cocoon rot. Pest control and combat can be done more simply and effectively. Less scallops and apple pouring, larger cocoons, earlier maturing of the cocoons and early harvest.

What to consider in practice: To take full advantage of its effects,

- Weeds and pests in cotton fields should be done in time.

- The plant's normal fertilizer needs must be met and the normal irrigation system must be followed.

Use time: The most appropriate use time is within the two weeks following the beginning of flowering. Depending on the irrigation possibilities mentioned above, the application time can be taken 3-5 days before or after.

Application dose: Generally, it is administered at once and at a dose of 100 ml / da. If there is an abnormal vegetative development in the applied field, it is recommended to perform a second application at a dose of 50 ml / da 3-4 weeks after the first application.

Partial application: Instead of using once in high doses, it is also possible to use cotton in low doses starting from the comb period by dividing this dose into 3 or 4. Thus, it controls the plant from the beginning of the comb and reduces comb spillage. Thanks to the partial application, it can also be used in cotton that has limited or irregular irrigation possibilities or is not over sized and can benefit from its benefits.

Doses in partial application:

1st application: 25 ml / da (Comb start)

2. application: 25-50 ml / da (after the 1st water or after the water if the development is weak)

3rd application: 25-50 ml / da (7-14 days after the 2nd application or before the 2nd water)

4. application: 25 ml / da (If cotton continues to grow).

It should be thrown with at least 20 liters of water per decare with ground tools, or if the application time is coincidental with the application time of other pesticides, it should be used in a mixture with pesticides.

Usage on onion and garlic: It provides increase in onion and garlic.

Time of use: If the head onion is produced from the seed, the most appropriate time of use is 3-3.5 months after planting. In this period, the onion is generally 4-5 leaves, 20-25 cm in length and started to tie the head. If head onion is produced from shallots, the time of use is approximately 2.5 months after sowing. The time to use it in garlic is the same as in shallots. Both the onion and garlic should be considered in the beginning of the head binding.

Use of peanuts: It provides increase in yield of peanuts. Experiments have shown that the yield increase is 25-30%. It can be used between the beginning of flowering and the full flower period. The best result was taken from the applications made during the full bloom period. It is used in peanuts at 1 time and at a dose of 150 ml / da.

MIXABLE CONDITION: It is not recommended to be mixed with other products.