Harmful Organism Name Disease Name Administration dose Time Between Last Application and Harvest
Pear It is used to increase the efficiency in 30% of the flowers opened in pear varieties with low fruit set. It is used to provide parthenocarpic fruit formation after frost events occurring at the time of flowering. (75-100 ml / 100 l), (25-100 ml / 100 l)
Pepper It is used when half of the flowers hold fruit and 2-3 weeks after that to increase the yield. 150 ml/100 l
Strawberry It is used in seedlings to ensure the growth of young shoots given by the rootstock plant, to ensure that the rootstocks are cropped with 1-6 leaves. It is used 3-4 weeks before flowering to increase fruits and increase yield. 75-125 ml/100 l
Artichoke It is applied to the belly of the plants especially in the period where the plants have 4-5 leaves and leaf lengths are 20-30 cm in order to bring the harvest forward for 1-2 months and obtain a smooth and large head. 125-150 ml/100 l
Grapefruit It is used in the circuit where the first color change is observed in the fruit in order to delay the harvest without rotting, spoiling and softening in the fruit peel. 50 ml/100 l
Cherry, Cherry and Peach It is used in the circuit where the color change starts in order to delay the harvest and obtain big and bright grains. An application in the first week of August delays the blooming of the next year by 3-7 days and prevents peaches from being damaged by late spring frosts. 75 ml/100 l
Seedless grapes It is used to increase yield and highlight harvest 4-5 days after flower capsules are poured. 50 ml/100 l
Lemon It is used to ensure that the fruits stay in the tree for 2-3 months in the period when the first color change is observed in the fruit. 50 ml/100 l
Mandarin It is used in the circuit opened by 75-80% of the flowers in order to reduce flower casting, increase fruit attitude and increase yield in Satsuma and Klemantin varieties. 75 ml/100 l
Lettuce It is used 7-15 days before harvest to encourage umbilical binding. 50-100 ml/100 l
Potato Seed potatoes are immersed in the solution prepared with TAK-GIBB® and planted before planting. Thus, fast and regular output is provided. 25-50 ml/100 l
Orange It is used 4-5 weeks after the completion of blooming in order to prevent June breakdown in Jaffa oranges. It is used in the Washington Navel in the circuit where the color change of the fruit begins in order to prolong the staying time of the fruit and regulate the harvest. 100 ml/100 l
Seedless grapes 1. Application: It is used to increase the height of the bunches before the blooms are 4-8 cm tall. 3. Application: It is used to size the grain when the grains reach 3 mm in diameter after flowering. 100 ml/100 l
Ornamental plants Although it varies according to the species and growth types of plants, it is used to obtain long stems and large flowers in floriculture (Carnation, rose, gladiolus, lisianthus, chrysanthemum). 200-750 ml/100 l

MIXABLE CONDITION: It is not recommended to be mixed with other products.