Sequonia Ultra


Water Soluble Iron (Fe): 6%

Iron chelated with EDDHA (Fe): 6%

Iron chelated with Ortho-Ortho EDDHA (Fe): 5%

The pH range in which the chelate is stable: 4-10

In Sequonia Ultra granule formulation, it contains trace element iron in the form of iron chelate, it is easily covered from the soil by sapling, fruit trees, citrus fruits, olives, nuts, bananas, pistachios, vineyards, vegetables, field crops and many cultivated plants. It is a fertilizer that can be taken.

Miscibility Status: Sequonia Ultra can be used in a mixture with dry and liquid fertilizers, but cannot be mixed with drugs containing heavy metal such as copper.

Ph: 4-10

Water Soluble Iron (Fe) All Chelated with EDTA: 6%


Application: Applications can be done generally in spring, at planting time or at any time when plant growth is fast. Applications can be in the form of sprinkling to the root zone, sprinkling and mixing into the soil, sprinkling in the form of strips in field crops and vegetables. Sequonia Ultra is a water-soluble fertilizer. In addition, it can be applied to the irrigation water or by drip irrigation system. Generally recommended dosage is in fruit trees and citrus; 10-20 g per tree in newly planted seedlings, 50-150 g per tree in large trees, 30-50 g per vine in vineyard, 200-400 g per decare in greenhouse-open vegetables and field crops.