Features: Water-soluble powder iron chelate used in the treatment of chlorosis in plants

SYNTHRON EDDHA Fe P 6% iron deficiency; It is used to remove chlorosis in fruit trees such as apples, pears, peaches, citrus fruits. Synthron Eddha Fe P 6% is taken by the roots. Therefore, it should not be applied to green parts. SYNTHRON EDDHA Fe P encourages 6% plant growth, gives a healthy dark green color to the green part without any iron deficiency symptoms. As a result, it provides higher yields and quality crops by providing more bud and flower formation. It is seen that SYNTHRON EDDHA Fe P 6% gives the best result especially in alkali soils where iron cannot be taken in sufficient quantity by plants. SYNTHRON EDDHA Fe P 6% is well tolerated by all plant species.

Note: The usage dose depends on the degree of chlorosis in plants and the type of soil. Heavy soils require more doses than light ones. One or more years is enough for a single application depending on local conditions.

Miscibility Status: SYNTHRON EDDHA Fe P 6% is normally applied alone. However, it can be used by mixing with dry and liquid fertilizers. However, it cannot be used by mixing it with drugs containing heavy metals such as copper.

Water Soluble Iron (Fe) All Chelated with EDTA: Contains 6% iron in EDDHA form.


Species Usage Amount in Kg
In newly planted trees 10-20 gr/ per tree
Trees close to fruit set 20-50 g /per tree
Trees in full yield circuit 100-200 g / per tree
Large trees (Peach) 200 g / per tree
Large trees (Apple) 300 g / per tree
Large trees (Citrus) 250 g / per tree