Süper Heksal 10-9-6

Active ingredients 60 gr/lt Tebuconazole

Formulasyon: FS


Fungicide in flowable concentrate formulation for seed treatment.

Plants and Weeds Controlled
Plant Name Weed Name Administered dose
Wheat Smut (Tilletia spp.) 50 ml/100 kg seeds
Smut (Ustilago nuda f.sp.tritici) 50 ml/100 kg seeds
Barley Covered smut (Ustilago hordei) 50 ml/100 kg seeds
Loose smut (Ustilago nuda hordei) 50 ml/100 kg seeds
Barley stripe (Pyrenophora graminea)

50 ml/100 kg seeds


Mix well 50 ml pesticide, the amount required to treat 100 kg seeds, with 1.5 l water in a container. Slowly pour this mixture on the seeds on a flat and clean surface while mixing with a shovel at the same time. Keep mixing until all seeds are covered by the product sufficiently and evenly. If a pesticide barrel is to be used, 50 ml pesticide (recommended amount for 100 kg seeds) is mixed well with 1.5 l water and then slowly transferred to the pesticide barrel. The transfer is not made at once but in several portions, rotating the barrel each time so that seeds are evenly covered with the pesticide. In selectors with treatment equipment, a preliminary test is made to determine the amount of water that allows optimum seed treatment (this amount varies between 500 and 800 ml for 100 kg seeds). Optimum water quantity is achieved when the water covers the seeds thoroughly but doesn't drip away. Once this is achieved, required amount of pesticide is mixed well with required amount of water. The mixture is poured into pesticide barrel and treatment is done.