Nitrogenous Fertilizer Solution

Guaranteed Content (W / W)

Total Nitrogen (N) 15%
Ammonia Nitrogen (N) 10.5%
Nitric Nitrogen 1.5%
Urea Nitrogen (low yield) 3%
Physical Information

pH 7-9
EC 1,400 mS / cm (1 g / l)
ACTIGEM is a formulation rich in nitrogen and carriers. The use of ACTIGEM promotes vegetative onset during winter stagnation, allowing the buds to burst and all buds to develop at the same time.

Agricultural use of ACTIGEM;

Activates metabolism respiration by promoting starch hydrolysis in reserve tissues,
Restores cell exchange of hormones and metabolites and initiates cell division and differentiation,
Brings instant absorbable nitrogen and helps to support increased metabolism of developing buds,
Improves the differentiation of dormant buds into flowers.
The effectiveness of ACTIGEM depends on the nutritional conditions of winter buds. Therefore, certain fertilization after harvest is very important for the storage of nutrient reserves.
Avoid applications at temperatures below 5 ° C. Trees to be treated must be at least 3 years old and be in nutritionally good condition.

ACTIGEM can be mixed with all CIFO products and general pesticides in normal dosages except mineral oils, oil based insecticides, Fosetil-Al, dodine and triforine active substances. We always recommend pre-miscibility tests.