Ferrous Fertilizer Solution (Ferrous Sulphate Content)

Guaranteed Content (W / W)

Water soluble Iron (Fe) 5%
Physical Information

pH 0-2
EC 0.600 mS / cm (1 g / l)
FERCOMPLEX 5 is a nutritional product developed specifically to improve chlorophyll photosynthesis processes, reduce nitrates and improve resistance to oxidative stress caused by environmental conditions and / or pests. The formulation provides fast access of nutrients to the internal tissues by means of complex and conductive organic compounds of plant origin and by taking advantage of the synergistic effect of iron.

From the agricultural point of view, when FERCOMPLEX 5 is used in the first vegetative stages;

It activates redox systems to restore the leaf to green color in plants during photosynthesis and respiration processes and in particular to maintain metabolic functions of plants exposed to environmental and / or physiological stress.
Activates enzymatic complexes that promote nitrogen fixation in legumes (peas, broad beans, soybeans, alfalfa, etc.).
It helps protein synthesis and decrease nitrate in leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables and feed products.
It promotes the production of metabolites (phenolic compounds) that provide plant resistance to oxidative stress and which are responsible for protecting cell membranes from free radicals.
Leaf applications should not exceed 1% (1lt / 100lt water) concentration. Leaf applications in closed areas (greenhouses, tunnels, etc.) should not exceed 0.6-0.7%. Foliar applications should be done at the coolest hours of the day.
Do not apply during flower period.

FerComplex 5 can be mixed with all CIFO products, copper-based pesticides and general pesticides in normal dosages, except for mineral oils, oil-based insecticides, fosetyl-Al, dodine and triforine active substances. In case of mixing with calcium-containing products, we recommend that you always carry out pre-miscibility tests.