Humizone H090C

Plant From soil (gr / da) From the leaf (gr / da) Application time

Farm plants:

200-250 gr(to seed bed or root zone)

25-40 gr. Before planting: It can be used with liquid fertilizers as well as by adding to solid fertilizers. During planting, it can be used with solid and liquid fertilizers as well as alone in the seedbed.


250-350 gr.(to seed bed or root zone)

25-30 gr During the confusion of the seedlings, 250 g of humizone is put into 100 l water, and the roots of the seedlings are dipped into the prepared mixture.

Greenhouses and ornamental plants

200-300(to seed bed or root zone)

It is given to the soil with irrigation or drip water in every planting period.


20-30 gr.(Per tree)

0-30 gr.
100 L. water

Three separate applications are recommended.

1-Bud and flowering period
2-In the fruit establishment
3-It is applied to the soil in the middle of the season when the fruit growth continues.

Soaking the seeds:

Small grain seeds
Coarse seeds

100 kg seed200 gr.

The recommended dose is first dissolved in water in a separate container, then added to the water used for soaking the seeds.
Groundcover plants and green spaces 200-250gr/da It should be applied with an interval of 20-30 days from spring.


Guaranteed Content% (w / w)

Organic Matter: 27%

Total (humic + fulvic) Acid: 70%

Water soluble K2O: 12.9%

Total Boron (B): 26 ppm

Maximum Humidity: 10%

Stable pH Range: 10-12

How to Prepare for Application
Since humizone is in the formulation of a large water-soluble particle, the recommended dose is first mixed with a little water in a separate container, then mixed with a spraying tool with a little water and then it is completed with water. The prepared creature can be applied to the soil and Herbicides, together with leaf fertilizers, to the leaves.
* It should be used by making soil analysis in boron resistant plants.

Miscibility Status
It can be mixed with strong non-acidic pesticides and foliar fertilizers.