Guaranteed Content % (w/w)
Organic matter %7
Total (humic + fulvic) acid %13
Water soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) % 5
pH Range 10-12

Miscibility Status:

It can be mixed with many pesticides and plant growth regulators that do not have a high acid reaction.


Plant Name



Foliar(ml/100 L.water)

Application time

Farm plants

Cereals, corn,

Soy, tobacco,

Cotton, sunflower

Forage crops, Sugar beet, peanut etc.

1500-2000 ml

(to seed bed or root zone)

80-100 ml

Before planting: It can be used with liquid fertilizers as well as by adding to solid fertilizers. During planting

It can be used with solid and liquid fertilizers as well as alone on the seed bed.

It can be used with weed medicines.


Tomato pepper,

Eggplant, cucumber

Celery, Melon, Watermelon, Squash Potatoes, Strawberry, Onion, Garlic, Carrot Lettuce Spinach

1500-2000 ml

(to seed bed or root zone)

60-80 ml

During the sapling of the seedlings, 300 ml of NUTRIMOL is put into 100 l water and the roots of the seedlings are dipped into the prepared mixture.


2000 ml

(to seed bed or root zone)

60-80 ml

It is given to the soil with irrigation or drip water in every planting period.


Stone and stone fruit trees

Citrus varieties Vineyard and

Olives etc

50-60 ml

(Per tree)

100-150 ml

100 L.suya

Three separate applications are recommended.

1-bud and flowering period

2- In fruit establishment

3-It is applied to the soil in the middle of the season when the fruits continue to grow.

Soaking the seeds
Small grain seeds
Coarse-grained seeds

500 ml for 100 kg seeds

400 ml per 100 kg seed

The recommended dose is firstly dissolved in a little water in a separate container, then into the water used to soak the seeds.

It is added.

Product Packaging

Packaging Options

  • 20 L * 1 Piece

WARNING: Read the label information on its packaging carefully before using the drug, follow the recommendations. It should be based only on the packaging label information.