VITAFULL has nitrogen and potassium macro elements.

VITAFULL is of vegetable origin.

Miscibility: It can be mixed with many pesticides and plant growth regulators that do not have high acid reaction.

Places of Use and Doses

Plant Name



Sugar beet,

1-Wide Soil Application

The first exercise is 200 ml per decare 10-12 weeks after planting. the second dose at the same dose, 2-3 weeks after the first at the same dose


Wide soil application and row-lane application are as above. It is used for drip or irrigation water up to 250 ml per decare. It is repeated 5-6 times throughout the season. During the confusion of the seedlings in the surprising products, 200 ml dose is added to the 100 L life water and given to the seedlings. 500 ml per decare in drip irrigation in greenhouses. It is used 2-3 times with an interval of 1 month at dose.

Plants 20-25 cm. When the dye is reached, it is used alone at a dose of 50 ml per decare or by adding the same amount of leaf fertilizers, plant growth regulators and pesticides. If necessary, it is repeated at the same dose after 20 days.


When vegetative development begins, it is mixed with 10 ml of water and 25 ml per tree, and it is applied to the soil in a way that it will reflect the tree per tree, or 250 ml per decare by adding drip irrigation or irrigation water to liquid fertilizers. It is applied in dosage.

With leaf fertilizers, plant growth regulators or pesticides, it is added to 100 L water at a dose of 50 ml and pulverized directly to the leaves during their application.

Soaking the seeds

Small grain seeds Coarse grain seeds

500 ml to 100 kg seed

It is added to the water used for soaking the seeds.

400 ml per 100 kg seed

It is added to the water used for soaking the seeds

Product Packaging

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In case of any signs of poisoning, call the National Poison Information Center 114.

WARNING: Read the label information on its packaging carefully before using the drug, follow the recommendations. It should be based only on the packaging label information.