Putty For Vaccinated And Injured Saplings

Vaccine And Therapeutic Purposes

- Ready to use vaccine paste

- Can be applied with a brush

- Suitable for all types of vaccines

- The minimum drying time is 1 hour

It can be used in various wounds (cut, pruning, atmospheric conditions) in all plants, trees and nurseries.

A very thin and homogeneous coating is sufficient.

After shaping, this layer provides protection without damaging the applied tree.

Period of Use: All year round


- Carry out the vaccination as much as possible in the airy and hot months.

- Use appropriate and sharp knives.

- Attach a solid support to the vaccination point.

- Apply the paste precisely, without hesitation to dry the vaccine.

- Do not apply in the rain.

- If the applied vaccine is wet, repeat the application.

- When the sun's rays become less upright, preferably work towards the evening.

- Large diameter pruning cuts should be as dry as possible and should be cut at an angle to prevent water accumulation.