• Prowet provides an effective and accurate application of medicines and fertilizers and improves the performance of the application.

• It enables the medicated water to spread over the larger leaf surface and to distribute it inside the cells of the plant.

• Prowet saves water by reducing the amount of water that should be used.

• Prowet provides washing resistance.

• Prowet is effective against foaming.

• Prowet is very different and superior from traditional spreading adhesives.

• A homogeneous distribution is achieved with Prowet and the most effective result is obtained without spraying.

• Prowet prevents the drift (drift) that occurs during spraying.

• Prowet is also used in drip irrigation systems and quickly carries the medicated crop deep into the soil and provides an effective control.

• Prowet is always desired in budding periods of some plants, especially fruit trees, and also on hairy and oily plant surfaces.

Spraying can not be done, medicated water can not surround the plant homogeneously, it provides an effective distribution and control even in such adverse conditions.

• It can be used by mixing with Insecticide, Acaricide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Leaf Fertilizer, Plant Growth Regulators.

Prowet; It is safe for the user, natural life, beneficial insects, does not leave residue and does not contain solvent.



Vegetables (Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper, Onion, Strawberry, etc.)

Fruit (Apple, Pear, Vineyard, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Apricot, Peach, Olive, etc.)

Field Crops (Cereals, Sunflower, Sugar Beet,

Cotton, Corn, Potato, Paddy, etc.)


Foliar Application 10 ml / 100 L. water

Early Development Period 10 ml / 100 L. water

Late Development Period 20 ml / 100 L. water

Early Development Period 10 ml / 100 L. water

Late Development Period 20 ml / 100 L. water


Prowet is a state-of-the-art organic-based super spreader with trisiloxane alkoxylates (TSA). It provides a much better and homogeneous spread of pesticides and fertilizers on the plant surface and improves its performance by reducing the surface tension of the particles much more than conventional spreaders. In addition, the plants reach hard-to-reach points according to different developmental stages and provide much better coating. Prowet spreader can be mixed with different formulation types of all pesticides and fertilizers. The effect of the product may be reduced if the mixture has a pH above 9 and below 5. The pH range appears to be between 5-9 for best results. Mixtures prepared in these pH ranges should be used within 24 hours at the latest.


Spraying device and tank are cleaned thoroughly. Fill the spraying tank 2/3 of it with water. Prepare the Agricultural Pesticide or Fertilizer to be put in the mixture in accordance with the label recommendations, as follows:

Fertilizers and plant nutrients

Dry fluid (DF) and water dispersible (WG) formulations.

Suspension concentrate (SC) formulations

Water-soluble concentrate (SL) and wettable powder (WP) formulations

Emulsion concentrate (EC) formulations

While still stirring, fill 90% of the required water. Add the necessary Prowet and mix slowly for a few minutes. Add the remaining required water.