Canopy For Greenhouses


It is a snow-white color reflecting sun rays that is necessary for greenhouse covers (polyethylene, glass) in hot climatic conditions in order to avoid overheating damaging plants and provide favorable development conditions.


It allows the rays necessary for the plants to develop to pass.

It is not washed by rain.

It can be discarded with the spraying tool, it does not damage the spraying tool.

Easy to wash at the end of the season.

It does not damage the greenhouse nylon and it will have a long life.

It does not damage metal parts of the greenhouse.

Cleaning: At the end of the hot season, it is sufficient to wash the product with plenty of water to remove the product from the application area.


Recommended Rate:

SUNSAFE is mixed with 6-8% water (6-8 Kg SUNSAFE / 100 L water) according to the desired shade level.

A low dose is used for less shadow, and a higher dose is used for more shadow.

Recommended Mixing Amount:

100 lt per decare. product water mixture is used.

Preparing the Product for Use:

If the greenhouse surfaces are dusty, wash them with clean water. First dissolve the required amount of SUNSAFE for application in a container. Fill the tank of the application tool halfway with water. Add the prepared mixture to the tank of the working tool and fill it with water. Spray the mixture with a homogeneous coating.

The dose can be adjusted according to the desired shade degree.

Do not use in rain expected in 2-3 days.