Speedfol Deep

Speedfol Deep is soluble crystalline fertilizer contains boron, iron, manganese and zinc together. Product focused on post-harvest application at fruit trees to restore nutrients for next season.

In addition, manganese is a micro element effective on auxin and gibberellin synthesis directly or indirectly. Also it catalyzes many important enzymes and taking a role at chlorophyll pigment synthesis in the plant.

Zinc is effective on auxin and gibberellin synthesis either beside flowering and flower set. Shoot growth and DNA replication needs zinc, chlorophyll synthesis is also activated by zinc element.

Boron is effective on pollen tube growth and pollen germination so deficiency of boron can cause severe lack of fruit formation or fruit set.

Iron is taking role at many metabolic activities at plants. Respiration, electron transfer and being activator for some enzymes were few of them. DNA synthesis and photosynthesis also badly effected with iron deficiency.


**All values are w/w % unless otherwise specified.