Speedfol Starter SC

Speedfol Amino Starter SC is suspension concentrate liquid fertilizer contains NPK + S + 6 micro elements, enriched with amino acids and hormones. Speedfol Amino Starter SC especially formulated to support plants at the beginning of its life cycle with providing an ideal nutrition with high phosphorus inside to encourage rooting.

For seedlings and young plants, sowing or transplanting increase plant sensitivity against environmental factors and creates stress. As a result, it is difficult for plants to adapt this new environment and Speedfol Amino Starter SC is a perfect supporter with its nutrition amounts and special ingredients. Speedfol Amino Starter SC contains more auxins than cytokinins inside, thus it supports plants root development and ensures strong start for new planted crops.


*Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn are EDTA chelated.

**All values are w/w % unless otherwise specified.