Speedfol Flower&Fruit

Speedfol Amino Flower & Fruit SC is suspension concentrate liquid fertilizer contains NPK + S + 6 micro elements, enriched with amino acids and hormones. Speedfol Amino Flower & Fruit SC is specially formulated to support plants during their generative development stage to supply balanced nutrients need.

With the flowering starts plants enter a new phenological stage to complete their life cycle for that year. This means that plant started to prepare itself for next season or generation with generative development. At this stage plant nutrient need increase because produced phyto-materials is going to store in seeds and fruits. Fertilization done at this stage is directly effect fruit quality and yield. With high potassium (K) content of Speedfol Amino Flower & Fruit SC, stomatas opening regulated thus the CO2 absorption and assimilation increase in the leaf, photosynthesis and sugar production effect positively. Besides, K actives more than 60 enzymatic complexes in the plants and helps to transport and store sugar in fruits. Speedfol Amino Flower & Fruit SC contains more auxins than cytokinins inside to promote flower and fruit formation, increases quality parameters such as brix, color, taste, etc.


*Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn are EDTA chelated.

**All values are w/w % unless otherwise specified.