The plant protection product named CUPERTINE SUPER WP is a fungicide classified as Group M1 + 27 according to its mechanism of action.


  • Protective and systemic effect, which is well-known, obstructs many places
  • Long-term protection and permanence
  • No phytotoxicity risk

Practical Tips

  • The required amount of drug is first mixed with a little water in a separate container. Fill the spraying device halfway and pour this mixture into it and add the remaining water and mix.
  • It should be applied early in the morning, after getting dew or in the afternoon in cool weather conditions.
  • It can be used by mixing with many insecticides, fungicides and leaf fertilizers.
  • It should not be used by mixing with very strong acid and alkaline medicines. However, a pre-mix test is appropriate before spraying.
  • It is not used in areas where harvest leaves will be harvested.

Repeated applications of plant protection products with the same mechanism of action promote resistance development. For this reason, in order to delay the development of resistance, do not exceed the total number of applications of the plant protection product recommended in the same production season. In cases where the application should be repeated, take care to use plant protection products with different mechanism of action.


Sufficient water should be used to keep the green component well wet with the medicine. Washing the medicated solution from the leaves should not be allowed. If used as recommended, phytotoxicity is not observed.

Against Mildew in Vineyard: When the shoots are 25-30 cm tall, the first spraying should be done. Subsequent spraying is done with an interval of 14 days. 3-5 spraying should be done in one season.

Tomato is also against mildew: When the first signs of disease are seen in the environment or when the weather conditions are suitable for the disease exit, spraying starts and is done with an interval of 10-12 days.

Cupertine Super WP drug has protective and therapeutic properties. It is a contact and systemically effective drug. At the same time, it prevents the sports organization. Spraying should be repeated only if strong rain falls 2-3 days after the application because it penetrates the tissue of the plants.