Curenox 50 WP is a fungicide classified as group M1 according to its mechanism of action.

Effective substance: 50% Metallic Copper (Copper Oxychloride)


Excellent protective effect
Excellent dispersion in water
Practical tips

The required amount of the drug is first mixed with some water in a separate container. The sprayer is filled to half and poured into this mixture and the remaining amount of water is added and mixed.
It should be applied in cool weather conditions.
Very acidic-alkaline drugs and Thiram does not mix with formulas and lime. Mixes with other insecticides, acaricides and fungicides.
It should not be used with other products without physical fitness and phytotoxicity without prior testing.
* In apple and pear if there is a branch line against the black spot 1. Spraying 800 g / 100 l If there is no branch line 1. 400 g / 100 l water dose is applied. Second application is 400 g / 100 l water.

** It is not used in vineyard areas where harvesting of vineyard leaves for consumption purposes

*** In the vineyard against mildew 1. Spraying 300 g, 2. Spraying 500 g / 100 l water dose is applied.

**** Against anthracnose in the vineyard 1. Spraying 300 g in other sprayings 500 g / 100 l water dose is applied.

***** The advice of copper medications should be avoided in arid climatic conditions as tomatoes can stagnate in the development of tomato plants.