Boron Ethanol Amine



Citrus: It is applied at the dose of 0.3 L / da during the white bud period or when the white buds are separated. Water ratio: 50 to 100 L / da

Olives: Apply 0.3 L / da in bud burst and make another application in opening the dish if necessary. Also, after flowering, apply one or two more doses at 0 3 L / da at intervals of 10 to 14 days. Also, after harvest, 0.3 L / da Apply another dose of dose. Water rate: 40 to 100 L / da

Apple, Pear: 0.2 L / da application in bud burst, and then 0.2 L / da application in crown leaves fall. Also, after harvest but before aging of the leaves, 0 2 L / da application. Water rate: at least 15 L / da.

Peach, Cherry, Apricot: In the winter budding and again in the pink bud period, a dose of 0 2 L / da is also applied. After the harvest, but before the leaf aging, a dose of 0 2 L / da is applied. Water rate: at least 15 L / da.

Vineyard: When the flower bundles become visible, apply at a dose of 0 15 L / da when the flower buds are separated and fruit set. Also, apply at a dose of 0.2 L / da after harvest but before leaf aging. Water proportion 20 to 100 L / da

Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant (Field-grown): It is applied at a dose of 0.2 L / da starting from the period of 4 to 6 leaves. Water rate: 50 L / da.

Nuts, walnuts such as nuts (Deciduous): In the spring bud burst, at the first exit of the leaves are applied at a dose of 0.1 l / da, and then another application is made during fruit development. The water rate is 50 to 100 l / da.

Grains: It is applied at a dose of 0.1 l / da from the 4-leaf period to the false stem removal period (Zadoks Development Period 14 to 30). Water rate: 20 L / da

Strawberry (grown in the field): It is applied at a dose of 0.15 L / da in the green / white bud period and the application is repeated after 10 to 14 days. Water rate 20 to 50 L / da

Canola: It should be applied in the period of 4-6 leaves and at the beginning of trunk growth at a dose of 0.3 liters / da. An extra application should be done after 10-14 days or until the beginning of flowering. Water rate: 5 - 20 L / da.

It is recommended to use fertilizer by doing soil and / or leaf analysis.