Micro Pak


5% Zinc
2% Copper
% 1 Manganese
% 1 Sulfur
0.5% Iron
What is Micro Pak?

Micro Pak is a new generation of organic biostimulants and Ful-Vac 3 ™.

Micro Pak What does it do?

It is used to prevent and close the deficiency of trace elements that will cause loss of yield in case of deficiency. The special additives in the product increase the uptake of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium in the soil and increase the release of auxin and amino acids by improving the osmotic process. Supports microbial activity in soil applications. Provides significant support to improve long-term soil health.

How to use Micro Pak?

Extremely useful for use with liquid fertilizers. It can be used from foliar and soil, and can be used safely in very sensitive periods such as steel rooting, confusion periods and seed applications. Apart from these, you can improve by wetting your standard underground fertilizer with our product.


250cc / Da to be used as a precaution in the absence of deficiency
500cc-1Lt / Da for intermediate deficiencies
1-2Lt / Da for the treatment of high level deficiencies
You can add 500cc - 1 Lt / Da Micro Pak for liquid fertilization from soil.
You can prepare the solution by diluting 1/20 in the periods of surprise or steel rooting.