Take Off Sulfone


5% Nitrogen
20% Phosphorus
15% Potassium
0.5% Iron
14% Sulfur

Take Off Sulfone, with its unique sulfur content, which is a plant nutrient, plays an important role in the coloring of fruits in plants. Sulfone 5.20.15 also accelerates the plant's resistance mechanism with its phosphite content in its formulation.

The phosphite-containing Verdesian products of the patented formulation, when used in combination with fungicides, provide resistance to fungal diseases in plants such as Rizoctonia solani, Botriytis cinerea, Phytophthora, Pyricularia oryzae, Plasmophora viticola.

Thanks to Take Off technology, it increases the usefulness of Nitrogen in the plant.

Combining phosphite with Organic Acid does not tend to return to standard phosphorus by taking oxygen atoms from the irrigation tank or air.