Take Off Magnum


5% Nitrogen
38% Phosphorus
15% Potassium

Take Off Magnum is a systemic product used in flowering, fruit set and fruit growth in plants with its potassium phosphite source. It can be used safely from soil and leaves. Its special phosphite composition stimulates the plant's resistance mechanism. It also creates more healthy flowers by shortening the knuckle spacing in plants. This significantly increases the fruit set.

Verdesian products with patented formulation, when used in combination with fungicides, provide additional resistance to fungal diseases in plants, such as Rizoctonia solani, Botriytis cinerea, Phytophthora, Pyricularia oryzae, Plasmophora viticola.

Verdesian's patented Take Off technology allows your plants to utilize the nitrogen present in their plants with greater utility.

Combining phosphite with organic acid does not tend to return to standard phosphorus by taking oxygen atoms from the irrigation tank or air. In this way, Verdesian phosphite sources enter the plant as phosphite with a very high percentage and thus provide more advantages.