Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 6,0
Iron with Chelated EDDHA (Fe) 6,0
PH range where chelate is stable 4-9


Fruit Trees (Peach, Apple) and Citrus Dose

Newly Planted Trees

In trees close to fruit set

In trees that are in full yield circuit

In large trees (Peach)

In big trees (Apple)

In large trees (Citrus)

10-20 g per tree

20-50 g per tree

100-200 g per tree

200 g per tree

300g per tree

250g per tree

CHAUFER is taken by the roots. For this reason, green parts should not be applied.

It gives good results especially in alkali calcareous soils where iron cannot be taken enough.

CHAUFER is well tolerated in all plant species.

The recommended amount of CHAUFER per tree is sprinkled uniformly to the above-ground part of the region where the roots are located before precipitation or just before watering. The roots benefit from the fertilizer that goes down with water in a short time.

The dosage for use depends on the degree of chlorosis in plants and the type of soil. Heavy soils require more use of CHAUFER than light soils. However, application should be repeated earlier in light soils. One or more years may be sufficient for a single application depending on local conditions.

CHAUFER should be applied when iron deficiency symptoms are expected.

The best time to apply the drug is when the trees begin to wake up in the spring. It can be applied in early spring without opening buds and flowers.

CHAUFER can also be applied by opening channels in the areas where the roots are located, in order to provide easy access to the roots. Even a low dose can provide complete greening in the tree in a short time, so it is advisable to divide the recommended dose into 2 in places where intensive irrigation is applied, some of it at the beginning of vegetative development and the rest immediately after fruit set.

Dry application of the drug should be done only in protective fertilizers (without chlorosis symptoms) and 3-4 weeks before the trees develop.

CHAUFER can be used in a mixture with dry and liquid fertilizers. However, it cannot be used by mixing with heavy metal containing drugs such as copper.

Packaging Options

  • 1 Kg * 20 Pieces
  • 5 Kg * 4 Pieces

WARNING: Read the label information on its packaging carefully before using the drug, follow the recommendations. It should be based only on the packaging label information.