Librel Fe-Hi

Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 7,0
Iron with Chelated EDDHA (Fe) 6,7
PH range where chelate is stable 4-9


Soil Application

Farm plants

Fruit trees


100-500 gram/da

25-100 gram/Tree

50-100 gram/100 L.water

Note: Do not exceed 0.1% solution (1 gram / liter) dose in foliar application of fruits. The doses given in the table show the maximum and minimum values. Actual doses to use may vary depending on severity of deficiency, type of product, size, and environmental factors.

Leaf Application:

The recommended amount of LIBREL FE-H1 is dissolved in a suitable amount of water and applied to the surface of the leaves with a suitable spraying tool.

Suitable nozzles should be installed on the spray tool to obtain a good spray quality. Application should be done only on the leaves and stems to form a film layer and should not be allowed to be washed away. Application should be done during the cool and windless hours of the day. Application should be avoided during the hot hours of the day. The best application time is the time close to the evening hours when the atmospheric humidity is highest. If precipitation is expected, application should be postponed. If there is precipitation within 3-4 hours after the application, the products should be reapplied after 3-4 days.

Perennial Plants: Tree branches should be fertilized in wide circular stripes with low pressure. The best result is taken by application during the period when the nutrients are in the root zone before the seasonal growth starts and this is the best time for a successful application.

Small Scale Usage:

Soil Application: Apply 2-10 grams of LIBREL FE-Hİ for every 10 square meters.

Application with Irrigation Water:

It is added to irrigation water in a dose of 1 kg to 10000 liters of water. And irrigation should be continued until the recommended dosage amount per decare is met. If necessary, applications continue throughout the growing season.

Miscibility Status:

LIBREL FE-Hİ can be safely mixed with other librel products and many plant protection products. It can also be mixed entirely with solutions containing phosphate, such as liquid plant nutrition and foliar fertilizers. For detailed information, please consult our company.