Librel Fe-DP

General Information:

Librel Fe-DP can be applied both in soil and leaf in high alkaline soils (pH greater than 7.5). It gives excellent results in cases where plants provide enough water and rnakro nutrients and are not under stress for any reason. Conditions that cause certain deficiencies to occur also cause deficiency of other micronutrients. In order for the applications to be successful, deficiencies must always be determined correctly. Never exceed the recommended doses.

Guaranteed Content (% w/w)
Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 7,0
DTPA with Chelated Iron (Fe) 6,3
Stable pH Range of DTPA chelate 4-9


Soil Application

Leaf Application

Farm plants


Soft Fruits




gram / Tree


gram / 100 Plant


gram / da

Note :

The doses given in the table show the minimum and maximum values. Actual doses to use may vary depending on severity of deficiency, type and size of the product, and environmental factors.

Soil Application:

The recommended amount of Librel Fe-DP is dissolved in a suitable amount of water and applied with appropriate equipment, taking into account the nature of the soil.

General Products:

Immediately after the last harvest, apply to the soil between the lines with low pressure spraying equipment before planting or planting. Soil surface should be mixed a few centimeters deep within the shortest time after the application.

Perennial Plants:

Tree branches should be fertilized in wide circular stripes with low pressure. The best result is taken by application before the seasonal growth begins, during the period when nutrients are in the root zone, which is the best time for successful application.

Small Scale Usage:

Soil Application: Apply 2-10 grams of required Librel Fe-DP for each 10 m2.

Leaf Application: Prepare a 0.1% (1 g. / L.) Librel Fe-DP solution and spray the composition.

Miscibility Status: Librel Fe-Dp can be safely mixed with other librel products and many plant protection products. It can also be mixed with phosphate-containing solutions, such as liquid plant nutrition products and foliar fertilizers.