Librel Zn


Zinc Chelate -EDTA

Water Soluble Zinc (Zn): 14.0

Zinc chelated with EDTA (Zn): 13.3

PH range where the chelate is stable: 4-9


Soil Application

Leaf Application

Farm plants

Fruit trees


All Plants

50-200 grams / da

7-30 grams / Tree

10-30 grams / 100 L. water

25-50 grams / da

Note: Do not exceed 0.1% solution (1 gram / Liter) dose in fruit application. The doses given in the table show the maximum and minimum values. The actual doses to be used may vary depending on the severity of the deficiency, the type of product, the size and the environmental factors.

General Information: Librel ZN provides excellent results when plants provide sufficient amounts of water and macro nutrients and are not under stress for any reason. It should be determined correctly. Do not exceed the recommended application doses.

Leaf Application: The recommended amount of Librel ZN is dissolved in an appropriate amount of water and applied to the surface of the leaves with a suitable sprayer.

Appropriate nozzles should be fitted to the sprayer to obtain a good spray quality. Application should only be done on a sheet of paper and on the stems and should not be allowed to be washed away. The time is close to the evening hours when atmospheric humidity is high.

Fruits: Do not exceed 0.1% solution (1 gram / Liter) dose in Librel ZN applications to fruits. We recommend testing before wide-ranging applications. test application.

Perennial Plants: Tree branches should be fertilized with low press in large circular strips.

Small Scale Usage:

Soil Application: Apply 2-10 grams of Librel ZN per 10 square meters

Application with Irrigation Water: 10000 liters of water is added to the irrigation water at a dose of 1 kg. And watering should be continued until the recommended amount of decare is met. If necessary, applications are continued throughout the growing season.

Miscibility: Librel ZN can be mixed with other librel products and many plant protection products.